Cascade (The Sleep of Reason Book I), published by BumblePuppy Press.

In the wake of a worsening climate crisis, magic runs rampant and demons roam across the Canadian prairies. A long-dead god stirs in the Pacific Ocean, while the wilderness is choked by invasive, screaming grass.

The Cascade has shattered political stability, leaving a scandal-plagued government clinging to power in Ottawa. As catastrophe looms ahead, a precognitive rainman, Ian Mallory, stands between run-of-the-mill corruption and a nightmarish, dystopian future. It is up to a diverse and unlikely band of activists, scientists, journalists, and one underpaid, emoji-spell wielding intern to save their beleaguered country from its own worst impulses.

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the sad bastard cookbook cover, with the still life and the ramen noodles.

The Sad Bastard Cookbook: Food You Can Make So You Don’t Die (Night Beats Productions), with Zilla Novikov and illustrated by Marten Norr

Life is hard. Some days are at the absolute limit of what we can manage. Some days are worse than that. Eating—picking a meal, making it, putting it into your facehole—can feel like an insurmountable challenge. We wrote The Sad Bastard Cookbook to share our coping strategies.

the beyond human cover with a robot hand about to touch a human hand.

Read 22 stories of the human, the alien, and the artificial—including my story, “solidAIrity.” Oh yes, and I also did the cover.

They may soon live among us: cyborgs, genetically-enhanced humans, interspecies hybrids, androids, artificial intelligences, aliens in disguise. These 22 stories explore what might come next.

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the Instant Classic cover with a demon with a face on his butt.

Instant Classic offers nine sardonic tales holding a carnival mirror to writers and stories. From a deal with the Devil to the ultimate AI vs human showdown, witness the terrifying spectacle of artists who’ll do anything to clamber out of the creative trenches alive.

These stories include a reprint of “solidAIrity” and a new story, “Hell of a Manuscript,” about a literary agent in Hell.

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Read solidAIrity, which appears in both Instant Classic and Beyond Human, here!

the dance cover. I didn't do it, please don't blame me.

What would life be like if things had been different?

Trying to answer this question, The Dance features stories that traverse multiple universes to explore the way our choices and fate affect the directions of our lives.

Includes my story, “Do You Love the Colour Of the Sky?”

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Visions of Utopia in Culture + the State 4: Alternative Interventions