Cover reveal: Instant Classic!

Text reads: Torrid Tales From the Creative Trenches
Instant Classic
That No One Will Read

Featuring stories by Tucker Lieberman, Ryszard Merey, Zilla Novikov, Rohan O'Duill, Anna Otto, Rachel A. Rosen, Dale Stromberg.

The image is a 50s looking woman with overalls at a typewriter. A demon leans over her desk with a flaming quill. The demon has a face on its butt.

Instant Classic (That No One Will Read) offers nine sardonic tales holding a carnival mirror to writers and stories. From a deal with the Devil to the ultimate AI vs human showdown, witness the terrifying spectacle of artists who’ll do anything to clamber out of the creative trenches alive.

Long-time readers will notice that there has been a slight change of title. This is apparently because you can’t use the term “bestseller” in a title on Amazon, as it makes the money sad. Nevertheless, I can guarantee that the stories are still amazing and you should definitely read it.

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